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An introduction to the encaustic process

saturday June 2nd & sunday june 3rd
10:00am – 3:00pm

In this two day encaustic workshop you will be introduced to the encaustic process and the myriad of possibilities it holds, explore some of my favorite techniques and learn ways to incorporate these encaustic techniques into your work. You will be shown how to incorporate found and personal images into your work through collage and how to enhance your work with image transfer. Creating sumptuous surfaces and texture, exploring mark-making techniques, wax application, incising and inlaying. Encaustics will open up new avenues for exploring and developing new approaches to your work. Explore color and creating depth through use of pigmented wax, glazing techniques, tar paint and metallics and leaf.

We will also discuss ways that you can begin to incorporate encaustics into your work and studio. During the workshop we will discuss studio set up, tools of the trade and studio safety.

The possibilities are endless. Participants are encouraged to bring ephemera, old and handmade papers, and copies of photos, old and new to personalize their work. Suggestion list will be sent upon registration including recommendations of additional items you may want to have on hand for the class.