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Encaustic Burn Exploration - Day 1

Encaustic Burn Exploration

Tuesday July 31 & Wednesday August 1
10:00am – 3:00pm

Burn, baby burn…in this encaustic workshop we will be exploring a variety of encaustic burn techniques.

On the first day we will explore techniques on smaller boards and on the second day, we will create a larger piece using techniques covered on the first day. Burns can be the main focus of a piece or they can be an exciting element of your art work. Burns can be used to create significant drama in your work. Some of the techniques we will be covering include: use of shellacs, various ways of pigmenting shellac, wet and dry burns, wood burns, wood glue burns, encaustic accretion and shellac techniques.

Earlier Event: July 29
Later Event: August 1
Encaustic Burn Exploration - Day 2